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Get to Know Us

RaptLine, a clothing brand startup that made waves in 2022, was founded by three visionary mechanical engineers. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for fashion, these entrepreneurial engineers embarked on a remarkable journey to bring their unique clothing brand to life. With their technical expertise and innovative mindset, they approached the fashion industry with a fresh perspective, blending creativity and engineering precision to create exceptional garments. This distinctive blend of mechanical engineering and fashion has set RaptLine apart, allowing them to infuse their clothing with a unique blend of style, quality, and functionality. By leveraging their engineering skills, they meticulously design each piece, ensuring the perfect fit, comfort, and attention to detail. This unconventional origin story highlights their determination, ingenuity, and ability to think outside the box. The brand's success in gaining over 3500 deliveries in its launch year is a testament to the founders' entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to translate their engineering acumen into the world of fashion.

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